Every time I open my eyes, his face always in sight

Is love mine? Made me failed down to the deep heart

Try to run, but I fall down

Searching for a sincerity, but what I found was an incisive thorn

Just let this fake

Cause you can’t stop this hypocrite

No matter how hurt is it… I still yearning him

I can’t stop my mind to think about him

Every time he touches my skin… Numb well

Every time he hugs my body… I kill my soul

Every time he kisses my lips… I kill my desire

But again I could not stop my heart… to be his slave

Forbidden love…. is a story of marvellous sin

The part of life to be forgotten

Though it disappeared…. scratches can not be hidden

Made me defect and imperfection



About lovewatergirl

(Aku adalah aku... Tidak akan ada yang seperti aku...) Aku hanya akan menjadi diriku sendiri.
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